JTMB Store vendor

Why Join?


– Get Free Marketing
– Add Products
– Publish Products
– Edit Live Products
– Auto Publish Live Products
– Delete Products
– Add Simple & Variable Products
– Manage Your Inventory
– Create your store catalog
– Handle Customer Refunds
– Access to Transactions & Transaction Details
– Manage Coupons
– Add Coupons
– Publish Coupons
– Edit Live Coupons
– Auto Publish Live Coupons
– Delete Coupons
– View Orders
– Update Order Status
– View Order Details
– View Order Comments
– Comment on Orders
– View Customer Details
– Fulfil Orders
– Access to Your Store’s Financial Report and Store Analytics

No Monthly Fees, Open Your Store Right Away and Start Selling

Screenshots of a Vendor's Dashboard

Easily Manage Your Store On Your Phone, Tablet or PC

Only 7% will be deducted from each sale, other than that, you do not pay anything to run your store. We offer free marketing and over 20 store features for FREE


How long does it take to open a store?

Less than 5 minutes to apply and after your application has been accepted, it takes a few minutes to set up your store and start selling

Will my store name be jtmb store ?

No, you will choose your store name and logo. You will also have a link to your store


Anyone living in South Africa, over the of 18 and has a valid South African identity document

Why is my id required to open a store ?

We are trying to ensure that all JTMB Store vendors are in South Africa and we know who they are

What can i do on my store?

You have a lot of capabilities – managing products, inventory, orders, customers, and more

How will people find my products ?

Customers will find your store by following your link, your products will be placed in the store categories, and JTMB Store actively promotes and features the best selling products. We offer you free marketing

When Do I Access My Store ?

24 hours. You can access your store and sell anytime

What Products am i allowed to sell ?

Only clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics