JTMB Store vendor

Open An Online Store for Free and Start Selling

Open an online store for free and start selling on your phone, tablet, or PC right away

JTMB Store vendor

E-commerce is growing in South Africa. The internet has made it easy for people to promote, and sell products to their clients. However, building an e-commerce store is difficult for many, and hiring a website builder doesn’t come cheap.

People often find alternatives such as the Facebook market and groups to sell their products.

JTMB Store saw a need to offer sellers free stores to sell and manage products, orders, and customers. Vendors can use their cellphones, tablets, or computers to run their stores.

About JTMB vendor stores:

Pricing: it is FREE to set up and start selling

– Get Free Marketing
– Add Products
– Publish Products
– Edit Live Products
– Auto Publish Live Products
– Delete Products
– Add Simple & Variable Products
– Manage Your Inventory
– Create your store catalog
– Handle Customer Refunds
– Access to Transactions & Transaction Details
– Manage Coupons
– Add Coupons
– Publish Coupons
– Edit Live Coupons
– Auto Publish Live Coupons
– Delete Coupons
– View Orders
– Update Order Status
– View Order Details
– View Order Comments
– Comment on Orders
– View Customer Details
– Fulfil Orders
– Access to Your Store’s Financial Report and Store Analytics

JTMB Store Vendor’s Dashboard Screenshot