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Why do I need to mention my location on products? No, you do not have to mention your location. What should I include in my terms and conditions? Your store uses JTMB Store’s terms and conditions. Do I have to accept returns? All JTMB Store vendors should comply with the store’s vendor policy.

How Do I Deliver to Customers

All vendors must offer the global JTMB Store delivery method: Pep Paxi = R60 or, The Courier guy / Aramex = R100 Customers pay for the delivery fee, unless you offer free delivery or the order is R700 +, in which JTMB Store will pay for free delivery

Can My Products Be Removed?

Yes, according to the Vendor Store Policy, products will be removed if The product pictures are poor The products are more than ten (10) The products are not clothes, shoes, cosmetics, or accessories We have received complaints about the product The price is unreasonably high Copyright images complaints The product has no description and attributes …

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