Adding Simple and Variable Products

Hi Vendor,

This guide will show you steps to uploading your products to ensure that your customers can easily have options. 

First, there are two different types of products that you can upload: a simple product or a variable product.

  1. A simple product is a product that does not have different attributes – it does not have different colours and sizes.
  2. A variable product is a product that has different colours or/and sizes.

Before we get into detail about simple, and variable products, let’s first look at the guidelines for products: 

  • In the product description, you only describe the product. For example, a T-shirt description can be:

” A short-sleeve t-shirt with a v neck. 

Fabric – Cotton

Wash Care – Washing machine ”

Do not write that the product has different colours, sizes, mention delivery or add your details on the product description. Only describe the product. 


  • Always select a correct product category.


As aforementioned, a simple product does not have different colours and sizes.

Uploading a simple product is easy: you just add the product name, image, price, category, and description.


A variable product has different colours and/or sizes and it requires more time to add a variable product.


  1. Select ”Variable Product” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Add Product name
  3. Add the main product image ( this is the image that appears on the store)
  4. Write a product description.
  5. Choose a product category.
  6. Go to ”attributes”
  7. Select attributes that apply to your products: sizes, shoe sizes, and size.

Ensure that you tick the ”Active?” , ”Visible on product page” and ”Use as Variation” boxes.

8. Go to ”Variations” which is under the ”attributes” tab.

9. Select default values (they should be the attributes you choose. For example, sizes and colours.)

10. Choose ”Create variations from all attributes”

11. You will be asked if you are sure about the variations, select ”OK”

12. The page will now show ”Variations Bulk Options” 

At this stage, you will see all your attributes and sizes. For example, if you chose that your t-shirt has size XS, S, M, L, XL, and the colours blue and white – your variations will show all the sizes XS, S, M, L, XL in blue and XS, S, M, L, XL in white.

You have to add prices and images that reflect the colours you choose (If you do not have the pictures of the product in different colours, you can leave as default – which will show the main product picture, the one you chose to appear at the store.)

13. Submit your product and customers will see the options you provided when they purchase your product. They can choose size and colour.

Be sure to tick the ”Enable” box

You can add products on any device, should you encounter problems on a mobile device, kindly switch your browser to desktop mode.

 Please contact our dedicated vendor management team for help with uploading variable products or provide answers to your questions: or call/WhatsApp 063 804 2809